Garden Bulb Planter


  • Comfortable and Light – The handle made of eco-friendly wood is comfortable to hold and makes gardening more effortless.
  • Sturdy and Substantial – Betus bulb planter is made of recyclable alloy features strong corrosion resistance, more durable and strong. It has a sharp serrated end so it can penetrate into the soil easily and smoothly.
  • Clear Depth Measurement – Our bulb planter includes depth markings up to 4″ along the side to help you plant various bulbs at an accurate depth.
  • Make Job Quiker – This simple handheld bulb planter is perfect for bulbs in borders. It is a good helper for planting bulbs such as tulips and narcissus and can also be used for transplanting small potted plants. Tips: Watering dry or compacted soil to moist before planting bulbs will make it easier to slide into the ground and dig soil.