12oz Hummingbird Dish Feeders for Outdoors


✔ ATTRACT HUMMINGBIRDS – These bright red dish-styled feeders with a wraparound perch tend to attract more hummingbirds. And provides an open view of the hummingbirds as they feed.
✔ LEAK-PROOF DESIGN – The dish-styled feeders are rarely leaking, you won’t have any problem with bees or wasps crowding around the feeding ports to get a share of nectar! You will also waste LESS nectar!
✔ KEEP INSECTS AWAY! – Designed with the built-in ant moat, 12oz nectar capacity with 5 feeding ports. Easy to hang on the hook or tree, or rest the feeder on a tabletop or other flat surface.
✔ KEEP FEEDERS CLEAN EASILY! – You are able to hang your feeder or window mount. Lightweight with easy to clean parts keeps nectar stay fresh and free of debris, which always is more attractive to hummingbirds.

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