Waterproof Bathroom Shower Clock

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EASY SET-UP – Tired of reading all kinds of paper manuals or watching tutorial videos to get clocks rolling? We got it! This mini shower clock has only one time set knob to get all things done! What you need to do is simply twist the knob left or right to get to the right time period, and insert a AAA battery (not included).

MINI SIZE, BIG PERFORMANCE – This clock measures only 2.9 In in diameter and 1.5 In wide, but the small size can also have a large display! All the numbers and minute scales on the dial plate are enlarged for quick recognition. Acrylic, outstanding for its extra transparency, is what surfaces the clock. Besides, the superior Silicone made clock shell is the best vow that no any drops of water can leak into the clock.

SUCK IT OR STAND IT – Not just a good bet for watery places like the bathroom or kitchen. This clock is also a good choice if you are looking for a quiet and simple clock for your desk or bedroom. It can be tightly sucked to any smooth surface by pressing the suction cup behind, or the strong silicone shell is capable enough to have the clock well stand.

INSTALLATION CARE – Clean the suction cup and targeted surface using a wet cloth and make sure there is no dirt on them. The suction cup needs to be pressed on a daily basis if the clock is expected to be sucked in the same place for a while. Also, you can always put the suction cup in the hot water for 10-15 minutes to cheer it up if you feel it is too exhausting to hang in there.