Round Cork Coaster Set – 16 PC


100% REAL CORK – Crafted from 100% REAL cork, these classic and elegant coasters are the perfect accessories for bartenders, home entertainers & everyday families! Along with the black metal roaster holder, they are always kept stacked & ready to be used for next happy hour!

THICK, EXTRA ABSORBENT & EASY-CLEANING – Thicker, bigger & MUCH MORE absorbent than traditional coasters, these natural coasters will absorb drips, spills & condensation! They can be easily rinsed and wiped clean for instant reuse!

PROTECTS YOUR FURNITURE – Always be ready protect your expensive tabletops from any potential water drips, glasses scratching and hot soups or stews! Put a few together and protect your dinning table for large pots and pans!

PREVENT SLIPPING AND TOPPLING – The 1/5″ thick and 4″ diameter round size is the perfect size for most common glassware with sufficient landing area, no more worry about slipping or toppling of glass, also illiminate the disturbing noise from the contact between glassware and tables.