Heavy-Duty Sandbags for Flooding – Pack of 4


Robust Flood Protection – Engineered for reliability, these 28”x12” heavy-duty canvas sandbags offer a sturdy solution for flood control, effectively safeguarding basements, garage doors, and vulnerable areas from water damage.
Durable & Reusable Design – Crafted from high-quality, rugged canvas, our sandbags are built to last. Reusable and eco-friendly, they provide a long-term defense against flooding and can withstand multiple uses.
Secure & Convenient – Each bag features a strong tie string, ensuring a tight, leak-resistant seal when filled. The design allows for easy handling and positioning, making them ideal for quick deployment in emergency situations.
Versatile Usage – Not just for flood control, these sandbags are perfect for outdoor activities as reliable weight bags. Use them to anchor canopies, umbrellas, or garden decorations against wind.