L-Shape Crevice Weeding Tool


  • The Design of the Unique – L-type sharp scraper edge can remove the turf in different directions. The wooden handle conforms to ergonomic design, and it comes with a pre-drill hole and rope so you can hang it anywhere.
  • Bend-proof and Rust-free – The sharp stainless steel blade is very strong with corrosion resistance features and is difficult to bend or break.
  • Multiple Occasion Use – The blade is thin with a tapered edge which can serve various occasions. Removing the weeds and moss from the gap in lanes and sidewalks, digging into the ground, or easily cut the turf.
  • No More Annoying Paver Weeds – Ugly weeds growing in the brick pavers will take away all the beauty from your garden. This 12 inches cracker weeder with an extra-large handle can make the job less effort and more fun!