Manual Hand Weeder Gardening Trowels


  • Versatile the invaders – Well thought out design with all-around features, Betus weeder is more than just a wedding! Stainless steel head curved for leverage and tapers to a narrow, digging trowel with measurement on, two-pronged v shape fork at the end, serrated blade, and cutting a notch on edges. 5-in-1 robust expert capable of tackling any weeding job!
  • Dig deep and hold strong – Deeper “V” notch enables you to dig deep and easily remove dandelions, thistles, burdock, and other invasive weeds without digging wide hoes in your lawn. A 10-cm measurement on the blade helps you figure out the depth while penetrating the soil.
  • Rust-proof and scratch-resistant- Made of durable stainless steel that is rust-proof and provides excellent resistance from scratches. Top sturdy quality, and you don’t need to buy another weeder!
  • Ergonomic grip – The weeder is ergonomically designed with an extra-large handle to give you added control when removing invasive weeds in tight spaces.