Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

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HEALTH BENEFITS – Heat from the bulb causes the salt to emit negative ions which are scientifically proved to purify air, improve breath and reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. These negative ions also combat electro-smog caused by the electronic devices.

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING – These himalayan salt crystal lamps are extremely beautiful accents to any home. When lighted they emit a soft amber glow and create a smooth atmosphere that decreases your stress and improves sleep. Great for nightlight!

AUTHENTIC CRYSTAL SALT – Each lamp is unique and looks different because they are natural crystal and hand carved in Pakistan. They are not polished, shaped or artificial looking in any way. Cord and switch are CE and UL certified and RoHS conformed.

SPECIFICATIONS – Weighing 3 to 5 pounds  and 8 to 11 pounds (6 to 7 inch and 8 to 10 inch in height respectively), recommended for bathroom or den. Uses a 15W tubular bulb. It is normal that crystal salt absorbs moisture and becomes wet on its surface.