Inline Cord Switch (White)


  • AC cord switch – Suitable for voltage: 0-250V; maximum current: 2A. The dust control switch is great for office, home, and bedroom lighting switch replacement or installs one to an appliance that did not have before.
  • Safe and reliable – this switch is styled in a matt finish and plastic construction, has a flame-retardant base, and has brass contacts inside. The shock-absorbing system helps to keep you safe always!
  • Easy installation – no “fine” aspects of electrical work required at all! Slit the cord and cut apart the smooth wire. Insert the cord into the wire channel and cap the switch with screws.
  • Compact design – this on/off switch is a cost-effective way to fix your existing lamp and makes controlling your lighting system simple and easy. The on/Off switch easily functions with the use of a thumb.